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What Exactly Is A Bazoodie Chat & Bazoodies?

What Exactly Is A Bazoodie Chat?

Bazoodies was created to introduce the overwhelmed and sometimes technology-challenged consumer to the wealth of technology and apps out there. It is not specifically an area for the inside specifications of each app, but rather, a place where one can find reviews and social comments on the mind-boggling options in technology. What is good, what may be problematic, and what you, the consumer are interested in.

Bazoodie Chat, which will appear in groups on the blog, and as Instagram photos, is what led to the creation of Bazoodies in the first place. Experience and perspective are great teachers in life. Over the years I have viewed, witnessed and been subject to some of the most insane, nutty, rude, scary, stalker text messages anyone would want to receive. And I am not alone. It seems the age of text messaging (see my post:  

It Is A Very Lonely World Out There) has brought out into the open a great deal more of crazy and funny. 

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A couple of years ago, I suddenly found myself with an Internet Stalker from my award winning blog "Cobwebs Of The Mind". (If you think men do not have stalkers - think again!) At first it was innocent. Then after a few days of text messages I realized how crazy the person was. After getting very frustrated at trying to cut them off from my chat, I yelled out "This is nuts. It is bazoodies!". The essence of the Bazoodie Chat was born.

Enter the Bazoodie Chat. Essentially it is simple. Anyone who has been subject to a really funny chat, or on the other side of the spectrum, been the subject of rude, stalking, crazy, scary and nutty text messages is welcome to send them in to Bazoodies, and they will be published. If you or someone close to you has been the object of such messages or text conversations, you know exactly what a Bazoodie is. Just to be clear here. A Bazoodie Chat can also be an incredibly funny one. Such as Siri sending some crazy text, or someone thinking WTF? means "whole tender food".

Bazoodies will never publish your private information or your name. We just want to obviously bring this problem to the fore or have a great laugh with you.

What is required: 

  1. 1. Take a screen photo of your text. (You may need to take two or three or more to include the part of the conversation that is of interest.)
  2. Send this in the following ways:
  • Attach the photos to an email addressed to and use the subject line Bazoodie Chat. These will be reviewed and all personal information will be taken out. Only the photos of the chat will be published on the blog here, and they will be published in the Instagram account Bazoodies and also tweeted @bazoodies (our hash tag is #bazoodies).
  • DM Bazoodies in Instagram or Instachat with the photos as well. 
  • You can do all of this as anonymously as you desire or not.
  • Anyone who wishes more secure communication just needs to email me, and I will give you a choice of various apps in which you can make direct contact. These include Textra, Telegram,WhatsApp, Skype Qik, Snapchat and many others. 
  • If you have any suggestions or remarks on how you handled the crazies, please include them in your email as well. We may publish them along with the chat screen photos.
The blog posts will not go out immediately but I will place a few chat screens basically on the same subject in one post at a time. e.g. Funny chats, Scary chats, Stalker chats, Crazy chats. I am sure you get the picture. But again in Instagram they will be posted immediately one by one and also go out to Twitter and appear on the Bazoodie Facebook Page.

You can follow on Instagram, Twitter the Blog and on the Bazoodie Facebook Page. You are welcome to friend me or follow bazoodies in one or all.

Bring on your Bazoodie Chats. Call the crazies out and then shrug it off! So you can go back to living and laughing. 

Remember always, be safe, be smart and be careful. Don't feel alone. Many of us experienced a Bazoodie Chat. So call them out. Shrug it off. And submit it to Bazoodies!

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