Contact For Suggestions Or Private Remarks

In order to contact Bazoodies, either by way of private remarks or suggestions please use the following email address:

Contact For Submitting A Bazoodie

Please also read the page "What Is A Bazoodie?". In short a Bazoodie is a chat which is funny, or shows crazy, stalker, nutty or garish chats. You are encouraged to take a screen shot(s) of the conversation and either email them to or go to the Instagram account Bazoodies and DM me from there.

Absolutely no personal information will be released.

Contact For Developers Wishing A Review

If you are an app or technology developer and wish a review of your product these are the following points you should know

1. Bazoodies tries to explain most things in simple terminology for the end-user or customer. I leave the deep technological descriptions to the many excellent technology journalists who write for many magazines.

2. Bazoodies, when it applies, will also comment on the usefulness of your app and for which segment of the population it applies. At times I may compare similar products. I also look seriously at the social or business or technological or entertainment aspects of the product.

3. If you would like your product reviewed, obviously I will require name and link to where it can be downloaded. You may also supply a link to an APK if your product is still in beta stages.

4. Contact information is by way of using the email:
However, unlike others I have no problem in using a messaging system, if you wish to contact me either by SMS, an app such as WhatsApp, or Skype for video. If you wish to go that route please send an initial email with what you desire and your choice method of contact. Obviously I can also use secure messaging systems if you feel more at home using those.

5. Bazoodies will also make every attempt to publish videos and screenshots of your app. Videos though should be supplied by you. Screenshots can either be taken or supplied by  you as well.

6. Any other questions or clarifications you are welcome to send my way to the email listed above.

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